More About Me

Kathleen was raised in the Bay Area where she met her husband at just 15 years old, both freshmen in high school.  She moved to the Tri-Valley in 1983, starting her successful 25+ career in mortgage finance while raising her two daughters.  Determined to expand the possibilities of her career, she considered her extensive comprehansion of mortgage management and applied it to her consistently victorious negotiation skills, finding herself to be the perfect candidate for real estate.  With a gentle push from her husband and pre-existing confidence in her potential, Kathleen took the leap to become a REALTOR;  she hasn't looked back since.  Due to her prior background, the transition into real estate was natural, allowing for her to continue to assist her on a deeper, transactional level.

From her many years of experience in the industry, Kathleen has developed a strong understanding of mortgage management, providing her with increasingly more insight on the ways of the industry than the average REALTOR.  While also taking into cosideration her determination to ensure her clients receive nothing exempt from the best possible transaction, Kathleen is an evident asset to her clients